Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Partners With

Direct-A-Friend Pictures has joined forces with, an online hub for those interested in Full Size Jeep Trucks and more.

Coupling forces, D-A-F shot extensive video of a Jeep event in York, Pa just last weekend.

Soon a trailer will be released to promote the nearly 20 minute featurette which entices viewers into the look and feel of this particular Jeep show. The video will feature interviews with owners of show trucks and vendors at the event.

Revisit to catch the soon to be released trailer!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

'What's The Show', Anomaly in Local Theatre Scene

Another day another video!

Again in association with, another video has been produced.

To view it Click Here

This video, somewhat cutting-edge for us folks at Direct-A-Friend Pictures (though it's actually not difficult), features photographs within the video using the 'Ken Burns Effect' which gives the appearance that the camera is sweeping out away from the image.

Actually published before the "Off-Broadstreet Theatre" video seen earlier on our blog, this segment offers an inside look into a community production of Lend Me A Tenor, a theatrical comedy by Ken Ludwig.

This video is actually the third installment of a video series produced by Tom Smith, Direct-A-Friend founder, entitled What's The Show.

What's The Show
provides an inside look into community productions in the Bucks County region of Pennsylvania, where Direct-A-Friend Pictures is based. This video series, published by, gives producers, cast and crew of community theatrical productions the chance to discuss their own productions in a way that can never be achieved through a critic and consequently showcases the ideas and meanings behind these shows, which may otherwise be lost in translation.

This is one more way Direct-A-Friend Pictures is serving their community.

Although a Flip Cam is not the most Versatile of Video Cameras

Check out this link to a video produced for

Click Here

The video is very fuzzy due to the lack of light in the scene, unfortunately a Flip Cam (as used for this video) reacts fairly violently in these situations. Live and Learn, I suppose.

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