Specializing in on-location production, DIRECT-A-FRIEND PICTURES LLC is a Bucks County-based production house for  video and photography. Leverage your audience with live action aesthetics.  


    A graduate of Ithaca College's Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Film, Photography and Visual Arts, Tom Smith began his creative career appearing in numerous community theatre productions at the ActorsNET of Bucks County.
     This intimate company instilled in him the necessity of honing a craft in all endeavors.  This frame of mind was combined with meeting strict deadlines as 'the show must go on'.     
     After a year in school, Tom had the opportunity to again learn from his community; this time in the discipline of Journalism. Reporting through photos, video and writing he covered news and events throughout the area.
     He studied abroad in Italy and Spain where he took hundreds of photographs of the people's way of life, often times walking alone across the countryside.
     After graduating, Tom started Direct-A-Friend Pictures LLC to help businesses grow their digital presence. "In the age of digital media, nothing is more effective than video," he says.
     Fascinated with mythology and folklore, his passion is producing films that explore the human condition. His influences include John Ford, David Lean and Stanley Kubrick.